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A Nonprofit Filing and Grant Technical Assistance

​Founded in 2009, Grant Professional, has spent a decade offering successful 501c3 nonprofit filings and designing multimillion dollar grant applications. We have worked with

  • community programs
  • faith-based organizations
  • government agencies
  • universities & schools

We are here to create value for our nonprofit customer client base through nonprofit filings and grant technical assistance, to free you to do the important work in your community.

We have a team of Ph.Ds, attorneys and business professionals specializing in non profit filings to the IRS and grant development.

Mission: A national organization providing services to create a non profit, reinstate a nonprofit, stay compliant, and for grant readiness to design grant proposals for funding. We aim to enhance the fund raising options and resources available to organizations seeking to make a difference in the lives of others.


Meet the team

Senior Consultant

Angela Hicks, Ed.D

Speaker, trainer,educational consultant and grant writer, Angela is experienced in adult training modalities, contract negotiations and working with organizations to help them reach strategic goals and objectives. Her training is in adult learning strategies and program development. The company has designed and help secure over 20 million in funds for public and non-profit agencies for over a decade working with a host of start-ups writing 501c3 nonprofit applications to the IRS. Angela received her Bachelor’s Degree from University of MD College Park, Master’s in Organization Development from Bowie State University and Ed.D. from NC State University’s Department of Adult Education.
Senior Consultant

Randolph Rowel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Morgan State University’s (MSU) School of Community Health and Policy. Received doctoral degree from the University of Maryland College Park. Director of the Why Culture Matters Disaster Studies Project at Morgan State University, with over 25 years experience in community organizing and partnership development.  As Director of the Why Culture Matters Disaster Studies Project, Randy has served in unique partnerships such as a project with Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Response Research Center (PERRC) on Towards a Community Resilience Index. He also served as investigator with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funded by the National Center for the Study of Preparedness and Catastrophic Event Response (PACER). Randy is well versed in designing and writing grants for social programs with government and foundations.  

Staff Writers

We have an expert team of 501c3 nonprofit application writers to assist you in writing your mission, goals, program objectives, required IRS clauses and budget in preparation to submit your application package to the IRS for a letter of determination. We have a 100% guarenteed application success rate.

Vivian Wan, CPA, PA

A Certified Public Accountant, received her master degree in Business Administration from Meredith College. Before she started her own practice she accumulated a wide range of accounting and taxation experience by serving as a controller for financial institutions and several other companies. It is this extensive experiences and knowledge accompanied by her unwavering commitment to excellence that has won the enduring friendship, trust and high respect from clients. We are proud to share that the major source of Vivian’s growth has been through referral from clients.


Attorney Firm- Merritt, Webb, Wilson & Caruso, PLLC

For almost 20 years Merritt Webb attorneys have proudly provided services for the LegalShield members of North Carolina. Merritt Webb’s goal is to consistently represent clients to the best of their abilities. The 501c3 HUB partners with Merritt Webb to assist you with advice for your nonprofit and grant needs. They state ‘We like to think that we have the resources of a large firm but with the personal touch of a small practice.’
Premium Services

Business Services

Need to file your annual 990-N (e-Postcard) to the IRS? Contact us Today to stay compliant!

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