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We are here to create value for our nonprofit customer client base through nonprofit filings,
and grant technical assistance, to free you to do the important work in your community.

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What You Need

  • Name of your organization
  • Breif Description of programs
  • Employer ID Number (EIN)
  • Names of board members (3+)
  • ​Accounting year end

What We Do

  • Review mission
  • Develop bylaws
  • Complete IRS package for 501c3 status (including program development)
  • Advise on Board of Directors
  • Advise on a multi-year budget for your organization
  • Develop required IRS federal clauses
  • ​File all paperwork within 3-7 days

Success Stories

The Grant Professional located and wrote a grant for the YMCA’s afterschool program that significantly reduced the number of unsupervised/ latchkey children in our community. We were really grateful for the $75,000 received from the City of Raleigh.

Janice Scott
Accountant, Garner Road YMCA

Dr. Angela Hicks successfully wrote our five year HRSA grant which was funded for over $20 million.

Dr. Evelyn D. Schmidt
CEO, Lincoln Community Health Center

I had to reinstate my 501c3 because I didn’t realize I had to file that E-postcard every year. Grant Professional made the process easy and helped me to successfully sort out my 3 year budget that I needed to file for the IRS. I’m really happy that we are reinstated so we can accept donations and apply for grants.

Sadjah Abdul-Wakil
Director HALO, Inc.

Thank you for filing the 501c3 so quickly and with the expedite letter to the IRS. We have a tight deadline and I could tell you are someone I want to work with because you are professional and know exactly what you are doing. I will continue our relationship even after we get the charter school so that we can work on grants and other things.

Dr. Mary Johnson
Success in Learning Math Center, Inc.

I was in a hurry because I had a grant due and Grant Professional came to my location and wrote my 501c3 application in 7 days and sent it to the IRS with an expedite letter. I received my 501c3 letter of determination in 2 weeks. It was a quick, professional and easy process

C. Crandall
Pro Se Reentry Recovery Services, Inc.
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